Friday, November 1, 2013

My Book is Out!

Today is the day! I literally just went through Kindle Direct Publishing, and my book is in review to be posted onto the Amazon store. It’s out of my hands now. And what a scary, exhilarating, and extremely tumultuous ride it has been.

Thinking back to that very first day, when I started this journey with nothing but a blank Word Document page and a mind full of chaotic ideas, it almost seems surreal. This book is like my BABY. I gave it life, I nurtured it, and I put in the time and effort to raise it properly. Now I have an inkling as to how my mother felt on that first day of Kindergarten, having to put her faith in the bus driver and grade school to take care of me as I took my first steps into the world by myself.

Unlike my mother who discretely followed behind the bus all the way to the school to make sure I got inside the building safe and sound, I’m not allowed to be overprotective about my “baby.” Now, all I can do is hope for the best as I wave farewell to it as it is released to the general public. When you’ve poured so much of yourself into the whole writing process, it only leaves you with the inclination that any possible negativity towards your work may reflect directly upon your very soul. My ship, Divine Vices, has set sail. I’m terrified, but what’s a girl to do except pray for clear waters and no icebergs?

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