Sunday, April 24, 2016

Book Review: Dark Summoner (Relic Keeper Series Book 1) by D.D. Miers

"Looking at him made me desire things I never thought I would want." 

Bound to a fate she doesn't want... 
Burned by a passion that torments her soul... 
Torn between two immortal rivals...
Only one thing is certain. Nothing is as it seems. 

Abby Davenport has spent the last ten years forgetting her past until a fateful night reveals her false reality. Thrust into a new world of dark sorcery and ancient magic, she's shocked to discover her destiny lies as the keeper of a powerful relic. Now everyone wants to control, own, or destroy her. No longer able to discern truth from lie, she's torn between a charming guardian and a mysterious summoner. Abby finds herself strangely drawn to each man--one sworn to protect and one who calls to her soul. Can she survive the strange and dangerous labyrinth of the first realm, where every move, emotion, and reaction must be a calculated one? 


First of all, what a beautiful cover! Secondly, I'm so happy I came across this. Even better, I nabbed it for FREE from Amazon during a promotion. A free book with stunning "You-know-you-want-to-read-me" cover art...of course I got hooked. Props goes out to D.D. Miers for this great first installment of her "Relic Keeper" series. Plus, it's her freaking debut!

That's amazing! 

It's an easy, quick, gripping read. Abby, our main protagonist, is a highly relatable character, despite her tortured past. Her inner monologues reflect the same thoughts that you, the reader, would think as she's swept up into this new, crazy world, and that puts you right in the front seat of all the action. 

We've all read books where we roll our eyes at the stupid things the protagonist does, says, or thinks.

Abby Davenport is NOT that character. She's smart. She reacts with common sense. She does what we the reader would do if we were in her shoes. And you can't deny the chemistry between her and the swoon-worthy Dorian.

My only gripe with the book...
I wanted more.

No, not because it was an incomplete story. I'm just being a bit greedy. I wanted the words to never end. I can't wait till the next installment comes out so that I can continue on with this series. Definitely a fan! If you're looking for a enthralling read, I highly recommend picking this up, ASAP! 
Rating: 5 Stars

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