Monday, February 24, 2014

A Girl’s Guide to First Dates: EPISODE 2 “Cautionary Measures”

One rule every girl must abide by, no matter what, is to have a source of transport of your own when going on a first date. I don’t care if your date looks like Johnny Depp, has Colin Farrell’s sexy Irish brogue, and has more money than Bruce Wayne. Under no condition do you ever get into a car with a stranger, EVER! I can speak from my own horrifying experiences with stalker-ish guys that this is one pitfall you need to avoid at all costs.

And I hear my friends always say, “Yeah, but I was afraid of sounding rude when he asked if he could pick me up for our date.”
Really? For one, if the guy isn’t supportive enough to appreciate that you exercise caution and decent commonsense, you shouldn’t feel too bad about disappointing him. Two, you don’t KNOW him! Is the fear of being considered ‘impolite’ really worth potentially being bound and gagged in the trunk of his car? I’d rather risk letting a guy get away than risk ME not being able to get away from a possible psychopath!
Now, granted, the likelihood that your date is Patrick Bateman isn’t very strong, but let’s face it, not every guy out there is Prince Charming. If you’ve accepted to let him escort you around town for the night, it means you’re now WHOLLY DEPENDENT upon him. He has the keys, therefore, he decides your fate for the evening. So unless you have friendly backup awaiting your word to save you from a dreadful date, you’re going to be trapped with no chance at escape if things go sideways. 
And by letting him pick you up, you’ve also given away something very personal. Your address. He now knows where you live. Ever seen “Fear” or “Cherish”? Trust me, there’s nothing fun about having a stalker. Surrendering your address is pretty much an invitation to be potentially harassed.

Lesson learned: BRING YOUR OWN VEHICLE TO THE DATE! Saves you from being chained up in a psycho’s basement.

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